How to design a living room

Autors: Petra and Tina, architects and authors on


To perfectly organize furniture in a living room can be quite challenging.


No other space in an apartment has so many possibilities as the living room. You see, elements for kitchens, bathrooms, even bedrooms, are designed and produced as modular furniture. They have standard dimensions and rooms have to be adapted to those dimensions –otherewise, they will not be functional.


But it’s different for living rooms. If you think about it, there are so many types of living rooms, combinations of living rooms and spaces with other functions, and types of basically improvised living rooms, that it’s impossible to standardize the furniture.


Isn’t it amazing how everyone has the opportunity to create their ideal space for relaxing and having fun, regardless the size of that space? But, the idea of what is fun, and what is relaxing, is different for different people.


Someone needs a huge media center to have fun, someone a comfortable sofa and a fireplace. Someone wants to throw Sunday brunches or poker nights every week, and others just want to eat the dinner alone while watching the tv.


And as the person living in your apartment, your job is to figure out what works for you.


So don’t just start buying furniture hoping for the best. Think about your habits. Accept who you are, without convincing yourself you’ll be a different person once you remodel your living room. Think about your everyday life and adapt your apartment to your daily routine.


To organize your living room, try to imagine people in it. Where everyone sits? What are they looking at? Are they looking at each other while having a conversation? Are they enjoying the view? Are they gathered around the tv or the fireplace? And where are their drinks and snacks?


Ideally, the living room should be easily adapted to the predictable situations.


Flexibility can be achieved with one amazing sofa combined with few armchairs. Since it’s the biggest element, the sofa should be placed considering elements like the window (especially if you want to enhance the attractive view), the tv and the fireplace.


Armchairs and chairs are mobile. You can rotate them, move them, add them and remove them, in order to adapt your living room to the number of guests.


And once you figured out the perfect layout, it’s time to choose the furniture – its geometry, its materials, and patterns. Almost always, it’s also the time to feel frustrated because you can’t find everything you imagined.


It happens to us all the time. And that’s why we think it’s great Marnic represents Mosso.


Did you have the opportunity to see their products? They are amazing.


Thanks to it’s simple and timeless design, we feel they could easily fit into any interior and be successfully combined with every style.


Mosso enhanced that advantage with, not just color, but also material palettes, for you to choose from. And since tactile sense is quite important for sofas, Mosso offers fife different types of fabric.


We were impressed by the fact some products are filled with feathers, and to tell you the truth, Mosso Pina is the single most comfortable sofa we ever sat on, but one little detail made us fall in love.


You can choose between chromed legs and wooden legs. The wooden legs are „dip dyed“ into one of six different colors of your choice. Everyone who doesn’t like to combine wooden furniture with hardwood floor will understand ingeniousness of this simple solution.


We prepared our favorite combinations of colors, materials, and furniture for living rooms, to inspire you to create your own. You can find every element we used in Marnic webshop. Wouldn’t it be amazing to refresh your living room with some of these pieces?